yes, you did.


            your expectations are:        funny.                      

I crumbled along side

you against



            our June first began

coy introduction


a slight embrace

to know you


            by the second,

                        I felt your lips pressed hard against mine

                                                                                    vampires only come out at night


yes, I fear. I spoke to this.

yes, you did.


magpie whispers: we’ve been hurt before

                                    so we hurt

                                                a whole body of selves

                                                                        even when we


close the cautionary door

a loud ax swings

breaks the sign

fire & water

a semblance

in the way fire flows

drowning acres



                                    you can call space avoidance

                                                while I take the cue

                                                            to ask: preguntas of friends

                                                            instead of trust, trust, trust

taken by:  a drunken night


still, wanted to believe:


clipped lavender

to see you smile


you said:


friend, breakdown

signs tell more than


I’m willing to believe

                                                            to heal

                                                                        a catch word: I gargle, wash out 

                                                                                    salt and tequila


it’s day three: tears, morning-death dreams


day two: I sat and cried: alcohol


caught the saltwater

you wanted to see flow

                        from a writer


confused                                                                    palabras






                                                chanting: trust, trust, trust

your experience: Trust Trust Trust

yes, you did.


trust the past, before giving the present a chance

to pass

the exam

fails to show my heart beats breakdown




The Sound of Silence: II


You can

if you want

hang head over

laps of dry skin

dark leg hair

grab, pinch and snip each strand


in                 between               wood


Thoughts of June

reunited honeymoons

broken aching hearts

spin: bend at the knees

lift one leg up

pointed toes

flex in, swing


really… everything is fine

there’s an itch

it will

go away again

it will

come back again