writing for days…

clouds reflect the reservoir ripples

“Good morning magpie”

flying across the road

we pretend not to receive messages

from the dead

in the form of smell

                                                                takes me back home

when I cannot go back


And we may cringe at the questions asked of questions

As though

As though

                we should have left well enough alone

                said nothing


And what happens when you do nothing to avenge

take back your power

from those who violate

                Holes                                                                     shrink wrap difference                 

                                other than: gently nudge

                                                Then: that’s enough


                one small








and there was snow

gone now

so you see

what once was

an adoration

for adorable


                         comes and goes

                                   so happy we met

until: no, no

i swear i said

out loud

                                                 as though

                                                                    as though

                                    only aware of one experience

aspens watch

snow caps

melt before the green

and blue

white hovering space ships

aspen leaves shake

eyeing steam floats above


watching the fool, day after day



that’s enough for today.