Stay Alive: Combat Theatre notes


stop! what are you doing? 

sharing time, space

taking care

love love love

the black bear cub


triggers fears

“can you relabel fear?” 


to sit in the whole

to be the hole

mess of strings wires


from filling the gap


the gap

instead of i hate

love love love

the space between

communication and mis



lectures at naropa

“the real cost of war”

I wonder about forgiveness–

how to rewire: disorder(ed)

can we really be this open 



red beat

poetry month

two poems to make up for last

the flowers you sent

ones that never arrived

until you walk to the sound of traintracks

up the hill to the woodwheel

desk without a writer

without a chair

place cards in four directions

then peer into the center

breathe into the space between


count to four

four corners

four reasons why

snow banks melt

beginning spring song

look! did you see that

there she is

moon’s eye winking                         good morning

good night

it’s all the same up here

where the moon stays out all day all night

the morning dawn greets her

and sleepy eyed she rests only her light sings midnight blues

tulips are soon to take hold from the blub

sprouted spring too soon and wait

where’s the rain in the sunshine

we’ve been missing

i miss you all all the time

karma: green wind burns us to the ground so we may grow anew

arms raised high desert winds

lotus flames fill the ghosts

bring them home

to let the dead die