thank you for the inspiration Sarah! *love!* [(part 2) continue one minute biography interruption exercise and freewrite post-experience]





Sugar Skulls


Dia de los muertos

it’s always

a sugar skull on your face

who can paint

un principessa

funny mirror

sideways glance

from run ways

to run away

our father: a loss: to remember

and now she needs her inheritance




I used to wake you up

do you remember?






this makes no sense whatsoever

witness breakdown

inside an eight year old mind



make them stop

those curly cues



a mess


a living doll

            I used to dress her up


[taking note of what is not said; listening to the inbetween]




                                    clear                            rotting groups






            body                                                    regeneration                           culture





wild flowers walk


electric                        body


                                                                        how do you want the bodies to vibrate?


slightly off

                                                            tone                 shamanic techniques: a glance

women’s visions: speak to the dogs


                        the demon is within you: process: shadow


                        two voices: distorted: layers


                                    move the demon through

[“admit: you know nothing”//more process notes from river performance]

talk: parla: habla


                                                to the line(s) —-­­­_____——


cloud net: fog _________

                                    deep sleep: wake irritability—–


weave: never in summer_______—————


the spiders are coming                                                                                  the spiders


when we arrived, a fracture, one blue dragonfly

where is the swarm this summer?                                                                      the spiders

                                                                        have you seen them?



green light: throat opened                                                                debris

fallen rainbow spectrum                               red, blue water weaving


interfere with the birds home









these stories lie buried: something told me not to…


                                                                                                split bones: read the marrow


there are some instances when DISASSOCIATION                    helps

the rupture

                                                surrendered: splayed


gutted fish                                                                  no blood smear


slop sore sore sore

                                                                        fear may cause DEATH


drip naked                              shiny beads of light wash the sight: a memory



——–I’m in my body, I’m not.___________







25 July 2013; Workshop: Cecilia Vicuna


[Process notes: after the performance for the river (without instruction)]

performing the SPACE OF LOSS


                leave     the         body


                                criticize                              in public



                                                slow      ing         down



                                                                inhuman                                            become

reception                                           vulnerable


“if bitten”                          by a snake, by a poisonous mosquito                 breathe


Amazon                              shamans                             slow                      ing         down

breath                                 relax


crying underneath

                wash me                                                             shed skin           open