I wrote the letter

spelled out


all the favorites played

Nintendo backpack butterfly stroke


this last lash bat smoke

we channel

we don’t notice

we call it tones: mood swings

I fly off                         after jumping

cliffs standing so close to the edge

so close

to losing everything’s going to be ok

“you have to father yourself”

sounds test

the waters

a scorpion stinging

orange cat’s eye


cradled in mountain valley


so close to rain portals

drop                                        surround

beam                           channel

an(other) voice

so close to heaven

so close to seeing without I’s

all I could see

stars                            planets



this heart bleeds for us

we are always

alone. together.

and we love alone together

I flys off                        after jumping  

fire ocean

rainbow waves                                                           a hill top cry

after dark

breathe this fog

broken hearted fool falls

roots dragging

behind leaves frozen bird nest


runhome half empty

ranhome half full

how do you stay in a never home?

running weightless bodyless

inside a rock

nesting never felt so good

we share                     over and out              words              now that everything is          over and out

the open wide cold fell away last

we stop eating, we stop speaking in tongues

no comprendo

lick inside raw salty red rojo rosa

smooth the sound

a new voice

the body remembers:

when will we admit we are in this for life?

everytime you smile

heart pangs down left hand touch send this pulse rain

all the same faces

smile in unison


still wonder

what’s wrong


pried open without listening lips                                         NO



the same NO my mothertongue knows

to no ears

poison dagger rage past

I have to leave now

return to body spent

unravel the film

make sense of no ears

fall out

take the moment into strong hands distort shame:

how can you make rape go away?

Sleep with the monster

again. change the script?

This makes no sense

When did rape ever make sense?

The pen stood up & noticed the clockwork

stars speak


black circle

phantom limb

boom! witches receive blessings


there was no call in the end, no answer back

what did she say? without make-up in the west

bubble burst blow backwardspin to avoid disappearing

dizzy in love.


August Trip (2)

how do you know?


everything will be ok…                                       listen to me

i promise

black pushed blue to the                      edge

all eyes a mirror

watch yourself 



babe’s wrapped in pink

blue bottle sip


life back

from black 

to blue

so wide         black swallowed eyes


watched                      stars      onebyone

                                                r   a  i   n 


this all makes sense                                       finally


wide eyed smiles                                                                    through pain

before orange slice sank

boar cloud       moon’s eye  aligned


capes               float

the pain stopped

eye giggled

                       remember: i promise


eye read to the raving mad


wanted to cry

                                    go ahead baby                          c  r  y 

why don’t we?

                                                peppermint tea cools                        the dripdripsweetsweat

rocks: strong stone



in times of quantum leaps

              ciaos crawls 



send the rush

heavy black cloak                  falls

                        brings the blue back from the edge


i promise



Symbiosis: I’m done.

an eco-poet

hood                                     grey                                                      vastness

cover                                    hover                    dissipate

ebb                                        f  o  ll  o  w  ing


mirror, pond,                   ocean   wave rushing



                hail the middle of summer


Aspens begin to leave

                                curl in early


                                                                the first bloomed.


We headed West                                          a fog

                                                                                                can see the eye

debris rain                                                                                                         awake


                                it was then:

 eye saw the dream

                                a green                                                valley

                                tucked inside mined                    out        mountains


a crystal show on the corner                                                                                                   sparkle waves ciao


use interchangeably

                                                                                                                                                                goodbye bolder



loud pounding head aches                       screaming: “I wonder what’s wrong with a little raised voice every once in a while”



homeless deer and bunny incite bello ears to pick up wild raspberry & strawberry patch

moss tracks                                                       another moon                 lit the dark

                                                                                spider fungi  webs

speak directly

to your beat beat beat heat heat heat

feet know where to place to find the flower

                                                                                                you can ask

                                                                                                                she will say

                                                                                                                                                “take me home”

add water

watch her grow

                                                                                                she’ll teach you spells until the last petal