weeks to stay                                                                     to go

a saying:          whisper in the dark

caverns red

i cannot hear

ghost chants      chains sway     wind cries Maria, Maria

how come you never taught me the song?

why do these blue veins stand against earth?


Happy Birthday Gram!


Moving Soon!

Moving Soon!

What better way to keep going… keep practicing… keep developing thesis ideas… lecture notes coming soon!

ice. mush. kick up. early snow.

proceed to speak

[insert dagger.]

this cold dark place is lost 

found in moments of prejudice

dancing on the edge 

since there is no room

                                                                                the ivory tower on the hill. beach side manor

ocean winking peridot 

a cove of seals

as far as the eye can see

where has the eye darted so quickly back

lost in cold dark

                                                                               rain wash black ice

fell soon after the flood

so clean crisp 

watch the breath flowin and out

running out of time

without proper protection

                                                   the scarf threads in needles

so long

we pretend we’re voodoo dolls and draw crosses over our eyes