contact me if you’re interested

contact me if you're interested

This workshop was created out of the idea of transition: how to move from one place to another (literally and figuratively) without getting lost in limbo. Or how to keep from floating in impermanence? In this workshop I’d like to invite all to set fire to old ways of being… to let go of the work or ways that no longer serves us… to free ourselves of manuscripts that have no end… we must give our work an end. And begin again.

**I’m also in the process of creating a workshop about my upcoming lecture on Dharma Poetics and Contemplative Practice (in Las Vegas) which will also include experiential exercises/ performance antics perhaps on the strip/ Fremont St/ arts district.


Here i am: lost little light

Cyclone Woman




sobing                    eye walls               salt sea swell                                 


already forgotten





in dreams: you can hear an orphan cry mother


how will you call home?

how will you search for mother in devastation?



a surge: the search for the mother tongue began



cyclone woman










lost eye walls

red eyes



please extend your arm, hand out

please keep telling our stories


we left the body of our brother to search for   mother


      when we returned

our brother was gone

      taken to a mass grave






locals leap and shoot makeshift hopes










A road of white linen                         hill top cemetery                broken palms beheaded                                     jewels swallowed by ocean















ahhhwoooshhh ahhhhwooooshhh ahhhhwoooshhh ahhhwoooshhhh oulssoulsoulsoulsoulsouls














headlines mourn one man

bit the bullet


today: we sit in red eye


countless lie                in open mass   ceaseless search for the body(s)


cavernous mouth                                                      mother slips inside                                                     mother unearths the fossils




this poem was written to honor the souls of the Philippines, both living and lost during Typhoon Haiyan, November 2013