at last

we finally sat, crawled under tables

count to 60 

this is more than one minute

we separated mixed matched    silence  walks

we stood still. swallowing giggles.  i rang an electrical bell.

some lie down to their deaths

some refused and silently hung back

not reading


your place in space. “i invite you: find your place in space. find your space in place.” 

and then: we listen

remember: duets and triads listening to the answerer–after the questioner 

does not nod, only openhearted listening

we read along, watch: criticize and disagree

“we are losing our listening”


we are. we aren’t. 

can you hear me? can you hear me now? now?

I’m tired of repeating myself. I keep saying the same thing over and over

I am a scratched record. I’ve been trying to tell you…


i think before i say before you are through

i think therefore i say

i care i am listening close. closer

can you listen to the whole truth? without interrupting the flow

the breath

can you feel silence? the edges and splinters? does it sting salty or sweet?

how many notes can you play with one deep breath?

can you blow the house down?

we live all straws and cards anyway.


charging amethyst in the desert sun

Dream 2/27

in a circle of


familiar                                                                                               new

(s)he asked: help maintain the aura

amethyst stone: place on the altar


try to keep balance in the room





we speak past lives in rituals 

                                    we could feel: another force in the room

student spirits

who always follow

dropping hints


she was in the photo

always keep spoons

always play spoons


Almost Boulder: walking through the in between

more lush games


I knew them in the dream

            I saw a friend

                                    we were speaking a dream language

he was saying things that reminded me

of when we were friends

it was as though we both remembered in the dream that we are no longer friends

but wish we were

and so there is a longing


the part I just woke up from


we took bello to the house

the house of a student—the spirit

tries to be remembered

photograph senses


following                                                                    she came back

rattle the spoons

                        to keep her away

to keep her from hurting us

            she started to take the living


practice           rattle spoons                          

I gave him spoons

we had to leave

I had to leave bello

                                    in the backyard in the end

gram: the doctor: from the circle

spoke grandmother

we are losing the importance of elders

sacred burial day



and I was in an

                                                            inbetween realm