An Outside Perspective of the inside (Seth Sotelo)

Hey Foxy lady person

i find you amusing

Babies? can we have them?

i’m lonely but my selfies are fire, much fire even

i does alcohol, yo…marijuana… i steal ketchup packs too,

i don’t do coffee but not because it’s gross…just…ya;

text message? babies? still no? kk…

work man a drag, huh bro? indeed…

The act drops, i cock my shoulders forward & adapt

I casually toss a swear word or 2 in your direction,

with-holding an accurate response time, “loosen up” livening my sense,

you like to listen, therefore you have directions that aren’t fulfilled

you like to speak, so you’re concrete in your past experience,

yet I’m arrogant, & I can’t spell…. lol

(i temporarily shun myself for indulging in that line,)

But we continue, i don’t analyze you, I learn from you,

your new habitat, Your Fears, constant regret you’d rather not “post”

who are you is just as important as who you present yourself as—

tomorrow… or next year…

i’m not a person, i’m memories & moments that’ll become

similar ones, Good or worse;

i was Bar 3: “Babies? can we have them?”

now I’m bars 14-15 forever

I wish to be Bars 14, looking at Bar 5

“i steal ketchup packs too;”

let’s just converse on everything,

starting now


Forbidden Fruit–by Seth Sotelo

How many cancer patients have i saved? zero, nada, goose-egg,
Life is time, time’s money, life is a grand, (Praise me!)
my word doth prevent guns from donning in their backpacks,
my word doth prevent them from abandoning the baby spawned from premarital sex,
…No …by the way my book’s out now
i’ll never give you assets, you yourself don’t possess, you don’t inspire
you erect temples, yet you all infest the face of the Earth i gave you,
like Ants in a Colony, my Big Bang,
when did Noah split the red sea? the same time i split the atom?
wrong…trick question, it was Moses and Adam…
i’m the face of child rebels in Kuwait,
i’m the face of American ones waving smartphones like glowsticks,
i don’t make rules, so who are to enforce them?
What is perfect? or a sacrificial lamb for the sheepish too scared
to simply love my son, rather than wish to be him… heavy man
i don’t believe in equality, i believe the dissolute manifest themselves into poor folk,
don’t ask me for money, when your house foregoes foreclosure,
it’s your will, not mine…that you secured another mortgage,
For when the fragments of the world unify from tiny pieces,
your lives shall align like the pyramids of Giza,
say it now “Broken faith; Fractured Helium;”
i’ve yet to see an angel, but you invented the world, children,
your ill intent makes identifying you by color seem…pathetic
you pollute, rape, kill & yet… Satan’s puking in the washroom,
you have my eyes & a demon’s tongue
lie in bed with your muted prayers ‘til kingdom’s done
developed dream in the form of foreign & forbidden fruit,
Good and evil’s in everyone? …No
-love, God, maybe someday



*check out Seth’s work here:

Poetry Month

My plan was to post one poem each day for the month of april–inspired by students i work with or poems they write–one student has faithfully given me permission to post his poetry on my blog for your viewing pleasure 🙂


thanks Seth and thanks to all of you for reading… 


poetry month poems coming soon!


gold ribbons

squeeze life

this remains


even after homeless

keep hope

for safe keeping

keep wishing

without rainbows, tunnels, stars

watched a seed bloom    blood   screaming

this is birth             wake up screaming      this is life


without even knowing


and yet

hope    as verb

i can transform

noun to verb


the crunch crunch of morning toast

before work

washed down with maté


a kiss for bello

a surprise candle

one wish

to let out



in this moment

wakeful present

naked dancing flesh

in homes that are foreign

dried wasteland           tears              hope: salt and rain wash toes full of sand