Palm Poem No. 1

In a space of light palms, the wind takes this pain


cools the heat

the heart

The Moon is almost full. The Moon is water. I am my ascendant–I am water today.

Look up to the heavens–stars always watching this drama.

“What a fucking mess…”

A bird on a wire, about to fall, even though there are wings tattooed to my body.


How do you write a love poem when you are brokenhearted?

Sing your broken heart whole again. 

Catch the pieces and gather them ever so carefully. 

Each shard a chance to begin again. 

Remember: we are all interconnected. Each moment is an opportunity to heal. Try again. 

Die on the page. Raise yourself from the broken-ness, from the ashes, from the ruin and live. 


Our love broke open and my heart was released from a sleep i had forgotten. I am so sorry for forgetting: I love you. 


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