For Amanda and Jerry’s wedding in Yosemite

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♫♭   ♪♬ ♪♬     ♪♬    ♪♬       ♫♭


As if two  d i s t a n t    s t a r s

met in this lifetime

*Stellarbursts* taking human form             navigating this world

Landing,    wishing to take flight                                                      again and again


As if the Moon kissed the Sun

Today, the Moon is in Aries  igniting our passion

The inner child—the heart beats to live in love

A fire burns, grows in love


Here we are

We are here to imagine


♪♬    ♪♬            ♪♬                   ♪♬  ♪♬


We call on Northern blessings. We invoke the wisdom of our elders and ancestors.


We sing with the Eastern spirit to rise at daybreak.

We look within and love in the West to light our way—“peace in the dark, peace in the dark.”[1]


We move to the South, feeling the joyful winds touch the back of our heart

kiss our upper lip.



We move with the ocean’s tide

open and close                                    never one way

there are so many ways to love.


♪♬ ♪♬   ♪♬ ♪♬     ♪♬ ♪♬   ♪♬ ♪♬


Here we are    on this 15th day in July

We are here to imagine

We are here to remember lovespells forever

Remember love spells forever



♫♭   ♪♬ ♪♬     ♪♬    ♪♬       ♫♭


The greatest thing we’ll ever learn… is just to love and be love in return…” [2]


[1] “Peace in the dark” is an excerpt from Tokimonsta, “Darkest (Dim)” from the EP Creature Dreams.

[2] Lyrics from “Nature Boy” by eden ahbez.