Anemone – another word for Fall

We climb up into sea beds and gawk, wishing to fly to the heavens. Or at least out towards the horizon–we watch our hunter gallop and lose sight of a dream. The deep blues and grays. The pink bubblegum clouds closing in another day. We seek solace–we grasp and clutch each other. We look down and out, careful not to fall now.


We are sending birthday wishes out to sea. Gram, may you be loved and at peace today and always. And little did we know a life was ending. And all of a sudden the blues fade in a blur, and once again we are wishing for the rains to soothe. And all we want is a fresh breath in all this fire.


Shitty Poem No. 1

“Why do we forget, or pretend to forget…” (Mahmoud Darwish)

Squinting into bright clouds. The strain brings rainbow light into focus. Too short a time to let it settle. Fall breath. The inhale is caught in the throat. Sobbing exhales. A stream that stains. Glass shatters. A Quake, A Flood, A Fire, A Hurricane. Shots rain down. Human and nature collide. A force of nature. Human nature. Wants to reign. Something in the switch. We can’t stand to look. We can’t help but look. We close the curtain to prevent the strain.