About april joseph

IMG_7761The poetics/writing on this blog are by april joseph, unless noted otherwise.

As an artist of space and time april joseph creates mixed media performance art by employing movement and music to sing lyrical poems. april’s collaborative approach to (counter)poetics illustrate a call and response and the multi-verse/voice.

april’s purpose: to practice this connection of mind and body—synchronizing the earthbody—allowing the body and voice to sing mourning songs. Her performance poetry is based on her study of ancestral trauma or “flesh memory” (Akilah Oliver), music composition and Contemplative Dance Practice: meditation, personal awareness practice and open space practice. April’s most recent work, canciones de los muertos (forthcoming), continues to explore compassion for the shadowside of humanity through Lama Tsultrim Allione’s practice Feeding Your Demons—a contemplative compassionate approach to “loving our monsters.” april received her MFA in Writing and Poetics from Naropa University and a BA in Literatures of the World from the University of California, San Diego. S)he has taught writing at Naropa University, at-risk youth in Las Vegas, NV, and served as a mortuary assistant in Eugene, OR. Her work has appeared in GestureBombay Gin, The Lune and Galatea Resurrects #24.




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