Bodyful Space Writing Workshop

The Inspiration: This notion of “bodyfulness” is inspired by the works of Dr. Christine Caldwell and her lecture at Naropa University in 2013 on bodyfulness and my discussion with her regarding ancestral trauma. Dr. Caldwell inspires us to go beyond the mindfulness movement and consider bodyfulness. You can read her work on bodyfulness here: A New Paradigm.

While at Naropa University, I studied contemplative approaches to healing ancestral trauma. My own work is a composition of failures–or attempts to sing the silent bodies that are carried within.

I am interested in reconnecting to my body which allows me to connect to my writing (CA Conrad). As Akilah Oliver writes, “all writing is poetry, poetry is the body.”

As I consider the body, the earth, I first looked to the Poetics of Space, by Gaston Bachelard. While Bachelard positions space as the home, “the dream house of memory,” Karen W. Martin’s “Counter Poetics of Space” explores Sandra Cisneros’ House on Mango Street as a critique of Bachelard’s work. How can the home be a space for rest, refuge and contemplation if the home is a violent space?

I consider how counter poetics can create an open space for the silent voices of the earth/body.

I am interested in creating/ participating in a vibrant writing community of humans who are interested in somatic exercises, writing, sharing work/ ideas, feedback and book making. Each workshop will have a central theme and we will read excerpts from contemporary writers, discuss our writing process and create space to work on the pre-writing that comes out of our contemplative experiments.

Please visit and contact me at for more information. Many heartfelt thanks.






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